This report is to prove or disprove the claims from the InvestReport reports that were presented on their site during Jun through August time frame.

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Section 1

Now since we can’t expect Karatbars to provide us with the truth. We have to research the claims that InvestReport has exposed.

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Final Conclusion

We are going to put together all the information that we have gathered and validated through this validation of Investreport….

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This is our Main Message

We have been tasked to validate claims on behalf of affiliates that needed questions regarding the claims that InvestReport exposed about Karatbars.

We are affiliates as well so this information that was exposed by InvestReport in reports 1-4 is very damaging to Karatbars so in order to fully determine the validity of the claims we needed to get to the truth of the matter.

This task was not going to be easy and we knew it was going to take time to gather all the data that was needed from all sources to come up with a determination of who was being deceptive and who was not.

Next Steps…

If you have any other additional information that is not provided in this report, feel free to send us a message for a call to action.