Our Approach

We are here to expose the truth as the evidence and findings take us. Time has no limits to us but in the end we will get to the truth. We dislike any scammers that use peoples hopes and dreams in order to enrich themselves. Our philosophy is the be true to ourselves and our vision is to expose the deceptive practices any MLM type business uses to fool people into their businesses.

Our Story

Our beginnings started when we were introduced to Karatbar’s deceptive practice with a vision that we were lead to believe as true but later exposed to be just another scam in order to enrich others on the backs of affiliates. The research and findings revealed the truth behind the deception. The results of those findings led us to the creation of this site to expose the truth in order to educate others.

Next Steps…

If you have any other additional information that is not provided in this report, feel free to send us a message for a call to action.