Section 5

Section 5: Validating why the change of the mining company for Madagascar.

 We need to go over the reasons why we have to research Tsaravintana Mining SARLU now. During the research and writing of this report a lot of things had been happening regarding the Smear Campaign towards Karatbars and Marvin Steinberg. After Investreport put out the first three reports regarding his findings about Karatbars. The alleged scam of this project is becoming difficult for Karatbars to counter. This would be the reason for Karatbars releasing the Statement and facts about the KaratCoinBank Coin (KCB) that was published by on 7/17/2019. And we are guessing the document was from a Top leader from Karabars with full approval for them to release it to in order to prove that Karatbars has the agreement in hand by the three companies regarding the mine in Madagascar dated 8/2/2018 keep that date in mind. Now remember, we been told that we had that mine back in mid 2018 and that it was operational producing gold with Karatbar’s leaders in webinars hyping that fact on a daily basis. Also as the KaratCoinBank-Whitepaper.pdf section 5.4 KBC FOUNDATION GOLDMINE states:

 “The GOLD MINEFort Dauphin” shall be acquired by KARAT COIN BANK in the future and invest at least USD 500 million. It is located in the southeastern part of Madagascar, more precisely in Anosy region, districts of Ambosasary Atsimo, in the rural commune of Tranomaro where the mining permits of type PE n 15745 and n 39756 are spread over an area of 75 km². The Anosy region is known for its gold resources. Experts estimate the local gold production volume there for the next ten years at over 6,000 tons of gold. In addition to gold, the mine also has deposits of copper and silver. Total reserves are estimated to be 22,123.41 tons of copper, 36,241.41kg of silver and 22,987.41kg of gold. The end of the mining activities is forecasted around the year 2070. The mine is already producing but is not yet fully developed. It is expected to complete the construction and an increase of the capacity by the end of 2018. Then almost 700 skilled workers shall be employed daily to mine the gold deposits, to process them in the mine’s own refinery and to initiate further transport of the noble metal for its storage. Produced gold shall be safe kept by the KARATGOLD SECURITY HOUSE in cooperation with FORT KNOX.”  

The Kcb-wp.pdf section 8.2.1 Phase 01 2018 states for August 2018 bullet point:

Finalization of a Memorandum of Understanding fort the acquisition of a substantial share for the KBC FOUNDATION GOLD MINE “Fort Dauphin” in Madagascar.

 Now this was back in August 2018 and before that we had the Audit report released on 5/12/2018 and the Valuation report released on 7/5/2018 which we currently know it’s a fraud from our analysis and the Memorandum of Understanding dated 8/2/2018. The question is why they didn’t release the Memorandum of Understanding back in Aug of 2018 instead they release it after the Smear Campaign report 1 dated 6/1/2019 and report 2 dated 7/11/2019 were released on the internet? It seems to us that they didn’t want to release it back then and wanted to keep it a secret. And that’s the reason we came to the conclusion that was the case. They didn’t want anyone to know the details of the agreement so no one could try to validate the documents back in 2018.  Keep in mind the time frame was in the middle of the KCB Token Sale July 4th to Sept 4th2018. If anyone would have connected the dots like we have back then, the KCB coin sale would have been a bust. The KBC coins would of never got off the ground since everyone would of started to dump the coin the minute that information about the mine got out like is happening now after the July 4th broken promise. We would have to say that a broken promise is when you give a promise of lets say 100 to 1 in gold on July 4th and hype that up for over six months. And only the ones that attended the Las Vegas event were the ones that only got 1 gram for 100 KBC tokens. The other affiliates had to use the CEMs to get their gold if they wish but at the rate of 1 gram per day instead of getting their 100 to 1 exchange up front and that is what we call a broken promise. Now bear in mind this is not the first time this has happen. This scenario also happened during the 35% bonus coins that were promise and that changed also two weeks before the dead line to receiving the coins in the Karabit exchange instead of getting it through the MyEtherWallet address. Now with this broken promise 4 weeks before the promise comes to flourishing for the 4th of July, the leaders and others that attended the event in Cape Town were told about the change of the promise. And Harold Seiz for some reason didn’t have the presentation to show the affiliates how convenient. Then when the leaders and others came back from their trips there were no word to the other affiliates of the change of the promise. The majority of the affiliates found out after the July 4th mainly on 7/10/ 2019 when Cherylanne posted the requirements for the gold vault and CEMs and said the terms and conditions will be posted within a week from that date as show in figures 88-90. After that posting two weeks has passed by and no word of the terms and conditions. We suspected what those conditions would be from the documentation that was already out. But as some affiliates confronted the leaders about clarification of the 1 gram per day withdraw limit for the CEMs, the high extraction fee per gram and what is the exact conditions that we were not told about yet regarding the vault the response was that they were kicked from the group. We later were told that we were taking away hopes and dreams from people just for asking questions we would have to say that is some cult behavior. Now that Karatbars is being pressured to alleviate the affiliates concerns with the Smear Campaign, they published the Memorandum of Understanding document on 7/17/2019 via CashMasters to show the affiliates that the information that Investreport exposed on the internet was just false claims and not true and to disregard it. Then the very next day on 7/18/2019 Harold Seiz publishes the video regarding the Smear Campaign.

 Now seven days later on 7/26/2019 a Corporate Announcement video was published regarding virus emails that were sent to affiliates. The leaders were claiming that the emails contained a virus and claimed affiliates had damage to their computers for selecting the links on the email that was sent out to most affiliates. When we heard of this, we had a suspicion that it was a ploy to keep Karatbars affiliates from selecting the links to the email that was sent to them. We asked a few of the affiliates to provide the email to us so we can analyze it. Keep in mind the leaders informed us to let Corporate handle it which we were expecting that response from them and further raised concerns of the validity of their claims. After getting the suspected virus emails from the affiliates, the analysis of the Meta data from the alleged virus email showed that the email came from 800-1801 McGill College in Montreal Canada for the hosting location of OVH Hosting inc as shown in figure 91. After researching the hosting company, it seems the person that sent the emails out to the affiliates has an account at that location. The link that was provided by the email was a redirect link that takes you to the same Investreport website that the Corporate Announcement video from Karatbars was published and had in the background, in which, the site is no longer available since it was taken down. That validated that the alleged virus email that Karatbars claimed as a virus email was a flat out deception from the start.

 Now Marvin Steinberg was releasing his public press releases regarding Karatbars attempt to report him for the theft of the coins to the police as shown on the police report document. And the court victories with Karatbars along with two more reports published by Investreport as Reports 3 and 4.  This has caused additional pressure for Karabars which further dropped the KBC prices after July 4th down to almost 2 cents from where it was before July 4th. That’s the time frame where we started to see more and more articles start to come out in order to counter the claims that is hurting Karatbars. Karatbars started publishing articles through their top affiliates with claims that showed Karatbars was providing the truth by stating that the mining company is now Tsaravintana Mining SARLU based on the article with a copy of a picture of page 10 of a geological document. The claim now is that Karatbars holds the mine with Tsaravintana Mining SARLU licenses with the copy of the document dated 8/14/2019 the very same day that Marvin Steinberg published his victory over the court Judicial success of Steinberg Marketing GmbH against the attacks of Karat Gold Cooperation PTE Ltd. Now this whole time we have been doing our research based on the document that was provided via CashMasters site and now they are claiming that the mine is with Tsaravintana Mining SARLU. We just could not believe what was happening before our very eyes. Now you begin to understand why now we had to add Tsaravintana Mining SARLU to the validation process when we just got done with the results for Century Mining SARLU Madagascar. Now the two articles that change it all around to Tsaravintana Mining SARLU were published with AMB CRYPTO on 8/15/2019 regarding Marvin Steinberg which they alleged that Marvin Steinberg plagiarized the Valuation document as shown in figure 93.  Since we know that the Audit & Valuation document is a complete fraud already and since they used the word plagiarism we can assume this is what they are referring about in the article. Also this article alleges that the mine in Madagascar is owned by GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG and Singapore-based Karat Gold Corporation PTE. LTD as shown in figure 92. The article also showed a page from a conclusion of a Geological Survey regarding the mine as shown in figure 94. The allegation of Marvin Steinberg was removed first from the article as shown in figure 95 then it got changed one last time again then by 8/16/2019 the next day it got taken down altogether as shown in figure 96. Screen shots were taken by others that seen it via their cell phones and posted them to a Telegram group. The Telegram group is where people that just want to know the truth and ask questions and normally get kicked out of Karatbar’s Facebook or Skype groups due to being critical thinkers and have not fully taken the Karatbars Super Cool Aid. They also are involved with other crypto coin projects that have solid backing, transparency and real Audit report from reputable audit firms. So the big question is why did they decide to remove the AMBCrypto article all together? We know one is because of the unproven allegations towards Marvin Steinberg. But the other reason comes to light when we see what happened with the second article. The other article appeared on Global Coin Report on 8/17/2019 a day after the other one got taken down. This one was changed from the first post on AMD Crypto and when the Telegram group compared it with the old one it now reads “According to received documents, Fort Dauphin is located in the South East city of Madagascar Tolagnaro, while the documents confirm that TSARAVITANA mining co., which is the current holder of the required operation licences for the area, grants the German company GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG, and the Singapore-based KARAT GOLD corporation PTE. LTD full access to the mine and its surrounding area. This process was achieved in collaboration with Madagascar-based company TSARAVITANA mining co., which acts as a government-approved licensee for the area of the mine.” As shown in figure 97-98. And this is where our second answer to our previous questions as to why it got taken down. The first posting was a direct deception with their claims but they had to change it to the real owners of the mine since Investreport already made that connection. But keep in mind that Karatbars already claimed that Century Mining SARLU Madagascar being a valid holder of the operating license No. 1575 and No. 39756 in For Dauphin Madagascar which makes this a direct contradiction.

Figures 88-90: The screenshot below are from Cherylanne’s Skype Group.

Figure 89

Figure 90

Figure 91: The screenshot below is from OVH Hosting inc source of the email campaign to affiliates.

Figures 92-96: The screenshots below are from AMB CRYPTO published article that was taken down on the Telegram group.

Figure 93

Figure 94

Figure 95

Figure 96

Figure 97-98: The screenshots below are from Global Coin Report published article on the Telegram group.

Figure 98


During this extensive research regarding Section 5, we began to see a change in the claims of Karatbars after the Smear Campaign that Investreport lunched against Karatbars. After the Investreport’s articles started to cause credibility problems with the Karatbar’s affiliates, Karatbars responded with their own articles written by Karatbars and their Top leaders to counter the claims. This is when the Statement and facts about the KaratCoinBank Coin (KCB) that was published on 7/17/2019 via a site name CashMasters. Keep in mind this document should have been published back in August 2018 according to the KCB whitepaper and since it’s dated on 8/2/2018 this confirms it. But since the Memorandum of Understanding document was never notarized it does not mean anything other than to be used for deceptive purposes. We suspected that the release of the document was forced upon Karatbars to prove that Karatbars held an agreement for the mine in Fort Dauphin but was not intended to be released since it would of open the doors for critical thinking individuals to want to validate the document themselves. We validated the claims that the leaders were claiming that affiliates were getting damage to their computers via virus emails due to the Smear Campaign email distribution which followed the publishing of the corporate announcement video regarding the virus emails was confirmed to be false after analysis. We validated the change to the mine Tsaravintana Mining SARLU after the publishing of the two articles, in which, one was taken down.  We suspect that the first article posting was direct deception with their claims but they had to change it very quickly to the real owners of the mine since Investreport already made that connection.

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