Section 6

Section 6: Validating Markus Georg Mincker Police Report.

 During our research and all the pressure that Karatbars is getting regarding the articles, The Telegram group posted a document that was very interesting when we first download it and analyzed it. It seems that Markus Mincker is a real person after all since he placed a police report on 7/22/2019. The police report is an affidavit regarding the Investreport Report 2 that was posted on 6/28/2019 regarding the Audit report as shown in figure 101. His claims are that the Audit report that was posted for the Fort Dauphin Gold Mine was commissioned by MY ICO Agency managing Director Steinberg Marketing GmbH and claims that Steinberg supplied Markus Mincker with figures and information as a sample expertise and sent it to Steinberg. He also claims that the published copies were not certified by him or his Auditing firm. He has taken legal steps against MY ICO Agency & Marvin Steinberg due to the criminal offences reference: 309024/22072019/1405 signed 8/7/2019 as shown in figure 103. Now when we read this affidavit we would have to ask why come out with this now after July and another thing why it took him over two weeks to send this affidavit out since it was signed on 8/7/2019 as shown in figure 104. We would have to say for someone that is so concern about being involved in a criminal offense would wait over two weeks to send this affidavit after reporting it to the police. Then it dawn on us about the other Markus Mincker that we found but we disregarded him since he worked for a Security firm not a Auditing firm like PWC based on the information on the North Data site and his middle name is exactly a match with this Markus Georg Mincker as shown in figures 99-100. After going back to this Markus Georg Mincker, we found some very interesting things. First is seems the physical address for Markus Georg Mincker on the police report is his old physical address information of Wolferborner Str. 2, D-63654 Büdingen but he left out the D as shown in figure 102. This is a direct match with the police report that was submitted by Markus Georg Mincker but it doesn’t match with the North Data site for the current physical address of Kölner Str. 4, D-60327 Frankfurt am Main keep in mind this is the third time they changed location as shown in figure 107. Also he stated on the affidavit that he owns an Auditing firm but based on the North Data information he is listed of owning a Security Service by the name of VM Honora Globel Security Service GmbH as shown in figure 100.And based on the Object of the company it state the following: Provision of monitoring services and home-service services as well as cleaning services, as far as there is no authorization requirement as well as vehicle rental with and without chauffeur services.” As shown in figure 107. We would have to say it’s very strange for a Security company to be doing cleaning and vehicle rentals. And it seems the members of the company change positions very often between Managing Director as shown in figure 108. Based on the information provided by North Data we would have to say it does not validate to the information that Markus Georg Mincker provided on the police report. And by providing false physical address and company name information as he claims as a Auditing firm when his company is listed as a Globel Security Service then Markus Georg Mincker committed a crime by providing intentionally or negligently false statement in lieu of an oath, in particular the criminal provisions of Section 156 and Section 163 of the Criminal Code (StGB) (1 year imprisonment on negligence or 3 years on the delivery of a knowingly false affidavit) according to German Law as shown in figure 102. We checked all three of his address locations listed on the North DATA site starting with the police report address via Google maps but for some reason it didn’t provide the Str 2 so we used and locked down the location as shown in figures 105-106. We wanted to know why he didn’t use the current physical address rather than his previous location. After checking his old address we found out that address belongs to a Health Club by the name of The Movement Frankfurt – Mega Former Studio as shown in figures 109-111 and the address before that one is an apartment complex as shown in figure 112. Now we know why he didn’t use the current location that he has listed on the North Data site. Based on Markus Georg Mincker behavior of naming current business establishments physical address locations and using them as his own business operations further validates that his affidavit is fraudulent and he knew very well what he was doing with the Audit & Valuation reports. Also we suspect that this is a ploy to blame Marvin Steinberg for the fraudulent Audit and Valuation reports that Markus Georg Mincker is the author for. And we also suspect that Markus Georg Mincker is part of the fraud that took place since why would someone put their name and provide a fake website address for their own Auditing firm and make up a physical addresses for his firm’s location that he belong to on the Audit and Valuation report documents. That just don’t make any sense and the fact that Marvin Steinberg was only in charge of the creation of the KBC coin he had nothing to do with the Mine, Audit, and Valuation report that would fall on Harold Seiz and Josip Heit since they are the ones that allegedly have ownership and agreements for the mine in Fort Dauphin. So we have to ask a question after these findings. Who was the person that hired Markus Georg Mincker? When we get that answer we would have his partner in this fraudulent deception.            

Figures 99-100: The screenshots below are for Markus Georg Mincker North Data site.

Figure 100

Figures 101-104: The screenshots below are for Markus Georg Mincker Police Report.

Figure 102

Figure 103

Figure 104

Figures 105-106: The screenshots below is for Markus Georg Mincker old address used on Police Report.

Figure 106

Figure 107: The screenshot below is for VM Honora Globel Security Service GmbH address locations and services.

Figure 108: The screenshot below is VM Honora Globel Security Service GmbH changes in managing director.

Figures 109-111: The screenshots below are from The Movement Frankfurt – Mega Former Studio Health Club current address.

Figure 110

Figure 111

Figure 112: The screenshot below is Markus Georg Mincker first address location.


 During this backtracking research regarding Section 6, we were introduced to a police report document regarding an affidavit of an alleged criminal offense regarding Marvin Steinberg that was submitted by a Markus Georg Mincker on 7/22/2019 and signed 8/7/2019. This report validates that Markus Georg Mincker is a real person. We validated that Markus Georg Mincker’s physical address listed on the police report is a direct match to one of a previous physical address location. The search for Markus Georg Mincker was disregarded at the time since his employment was not a match to an Auditing firm for PWC for a Markus Mincker. We validated that the current physical address that was not provided on the police report is not Markus GeorgMincker’s current address but of a Health Club. We validated that the Auditing firm statement provided on the police report is not Mincker’s true business employment according to North Data records. We validated that Markus Georg Mincker’s current address based on North Data records is the same pattern as seen on the Audit and Valuation report as fake address location of other business establishments. We also validated based on Markus Georg Mincker’s own affidavit that he committed a criminal offense according to German law.

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