Section 7

Section 7: Validating the new Investreport Report 4.

 The continue Smear Campaign hit its peak with Investreport Report 4 dated 8/17/2019 and based on the report it claims a Romanian mafia connection relationship with Alex Bodi and Josip Heit  since Adrian Tâmplaru from Sibiu in Romania, is the Godfather for Alex Bodi according to the report. This report also answers the plausible reason for the change of the promise for the 100 to 1 during Independence Day since the price of the KBC failed to reach the .40 cent projection for an even exchange of the current price of 1 gram of gold for 100 KBC coins. We suspect this would be the case since they had no intentions to make the exchange happened with the price of the KBC being 2 cents and the terms that they are implementing to claim the gold further validates this point. We would also have to further validate the previous reports by Investreport regarding the video showing Harold Seiz depositing 40kg of gold in the Hong Kong vault not the 1.4 tonnes based on Harold’s own admissions. We suspect the video was just a show to make affiliates believe that the gold was coming from the mine in Madagascar where in reality it was coming from the millions of dollars that was generated from the KBC ICO with the belief that we had ownership of the mine in Madagascar. The report also discussed the luxurious private lifestyle from the successful generation of the millions from the backs of the affiliates after the ICO. The report also claims that Harold Seiz only made losses since the founding in 2011. The company took a lost in 2013 and generated income in 2014 with a loan the following year. The report also claims that from 2016 to 2018 no financial reports were reported from the company. Then on 5/14/2019 Harold Seiz bought an existing company by the name of Firststep 24 GmbH and renamed it Karatbars Gold GmbH under the registration HRB 769390 with the same address.

 In order to validate the new Report 4 from Investreport, we researched the mafia connections with Alex Bodi and Josip Heit, the Karatbars International GmbH business with the financials and the renaming of the company to a new entity through North Data. The results of the search validated the claims from Investreport posted on 8/17/2019. We determined that Josip Heit & Alex Bodi has direct connections with to Eastern European Mafiosi Adrian Tâmplaru from the Romanian Sibiu. According to the article from dated 10/18/2018, Alex Bodi Godfather is the Romanian Mafiosi Adrian Tâmplaru. Based on the article their relationship is extremely close and they have been photographed in different exclusive places in five star parties that they both have organized as shown in figures 113-115. Also according to, Adrian Tâmplaru was released from prison back in September 2012 after being sentenced in 2007 for eight years in prison for Organized Crime, Human Trafficking, Acts of Violence, Taking Protection Tax, Attempted Murder, Pimping and Blackmail as shown in figure 115. There are four other articles regarding Adrian Tâmplaru past criminal history that will be provided to give an insight into his organization. Now we would have to say that Alex Bodi has a close relationship with Tâmplaru so based on this logical thinking then Josip Heit would also have the same relationship through Alex Bodi.  

 We visited the North Data site again in order to validate that Harold Seiz changed the company name as claimed by Investreport and the results validated the purchase of Firststep 24 GmbH dated 5/14/2019 by Harold Seiz from a Marcus Schmidt as shown in figures 116-117 with registration HRB 769390. The new name is now Karatbars Gold GmhH with the same address location for the company as Karatbars International GmbH as shown in figure 118. We also validated the profit and loss of Karatbars with no records after 2016 to 2018 as shown in figure 118 right side. We need to know the reason for the creation of the new company that Harold Seiz created and after looking into the subject from both Karatbars International GmbH and Karatbars Gold GmhH, we noticed two different business operations to them which this is normal for companies that may want to expand their operations while operating from the same location as shown in figures 119-120. Normally when companies do this they would have to have two separate lease agreements with the owner of the building if they are renting. We looked into Marcus Schmidt since North Data has a connection to him and noticed that Schmidt has 61 companies that he created and transferred to other individuals which make us think Schmidt creates companies as a service for clients.

Figures 113-115: The screenshots below are Alex Bodi Godfather connection with Eastern European Mafiosi Adrian Tâmplaru.

Figure 114

Figure 115

Figures 116-117: The screenshots below are for Karat Gold GmbH new registration.

Figure 117

Figure 118: The screenshot below right side is the profit and loss for Karatbars.

Figures 119-120: The screenshots below are the comparison between both companies operations.  

Figure 120


 During this extensive research regarding Section 7, we validated the claims that were presented. We confirmed that Alex Bodi has a direct connection with Eastern European Mafiosi Adrian Tâmplaru. We determined that Josip Heit would also have that connection through Alex Bodi. We validated the profit and loss of the Karatbars and the purchase of the company name for Firststep 24 GmbH which was changed to Karat Gold Gmbh. But after analyzing the business operation for the two companies, we would have to conclude that this is a normal process when companies want to expand operations while operating from the same location. The fact that Harold Seiz has relationships with Josip Heit and Alex Bodi should be concerning and further validates the level of deception that we have uncovered with this project.

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